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Peace Of Mind

From obtaining the Grant of Representation, to closing all matters of administration, we have the skills, knowledge and experience.

Probate Services


Probate is a legal document and the court’s authority that is given to a person or organisation to administer a deceased person’s estate. This authority is given by the Probate Service in the form of a Grant of Representation. Obtaining this very document is the first step of the work we do for you. If you wish to find out more about our range of Probate services, call us today on 020 8777 6677

The legalities surrounding the loss of a loved one is the last thing you want to think about around such a time. For this reason, Classic Wills aim is to take away as much of the stress of dealing with a loved one’s estate as possible after they are gone to ensure the loss is not exacerbated by the technicalities of the law. From obtaining the Grant of Representation, to closing all matters of administration, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make the entire process of Probate easier to bear.

A Breakdown of some of our Probate services

Grants of Probate
We offer top-quality Grants of Probate services, if you would like to find out more or submit and enquiry click here.
Grant of Representation acquisition
At Classic Wills we can help you with obtaining Grant of Representation acquisition that you may require. Click here to find out more.
Inheritance of tax mitigation
We have the knowledge and experience to help and advise you on inheritance of tax mitigation. Click here to find out more.

Asset protection
Click here to find out exactly how we can help you when it comes to Asset protection to protect your assets in a range of circumstances.
Court of Protection work
Thanks to our years’ of experience, we are able to offer professional, unbiased advise when it comes to Court of Protection work. Click here to learn more.
Inheritance disputes
Should there be inheritance disputes, we offer professional, impartial advise to ensure everything is done correctly and above board. Click here.

Complete estate administration
Our knowledge and experience means we can provide complete estate administrations services sensitively and efficiently. Learn more.
Letters of administration
Should someone die intestate, Classic Wills can help you with letters of administration. Click here for more.