When faced with difficult decisions or delicate situations, it is good to know that you can count on Classic Wills to handle your affairs sensitively and efficiently.

Mrs C of Beckenham


"My Mother didn't get round to writing a Will until she was ninety, I then persuaded her to write a Will with Classic Wills. Two years later she sadly passed away. Her Will was very complex and without Classic Wills having written the Will and taking over the administration of the estate I believe it would have taken me many years to sort it out. The professionalism and experience of Classic Wills meant that the beneficiaries were all paid out and the estate finalised in a few months."

Mr J of Oxted


"My Stepfather always told me I would benefit from his estate when he died. Unfortunately he never got round to writing a Will. In consequence when he died his children got everything; even the one that he hadn’t seen for twenty years, and I received nothing. I have now made a Will with Classic Wills to ensure that my wishes are carried out when I die."

Mrs S.J of Chislehurst, Kent


"I was recommended to Classic Wills by a friend of mine who was most impressed with their services. I contacted Classic Willswho did my Will and sadly a year later I lost my husband. I was totally devastated and didn't know which way to turn. Classic Wills being a family run business were so understanding and patient. They organised my late husband's funeral, dealt with his estate and took away all the added worry. They were very professional and sensitive to my needs and without their help and support I would not have coped with all the administration, contacting the relevant people and generally coming to terms with my loss. I highly recommend Classic Wills."

Mrs Jackson of Calpe, Spain


"I contacted Classic Wills to be advised on how to make a Will on the grounds that my husband and I are retiring to Calpe in Spain. I had spoken to a few people who said it was very complicated; Classic Wills were very helpful and arranged our Will, without any complications. We are now retired in Spain and have the reassurance of the Spanish consultancies of Classic Wills."